The Stakes Are High.

Care is being threatened across the country and around the globe. Save Our Nurses is a movement to revolutionize healthcare for caregivers.

Now is the time to unite.

Save Our Nurses is a movement that will revolutionize healthcare for caregivers. Forever.

We care about nurses. So much so that we are trying to save them from the physical demands they face every day at work. We know nursing is one of the highest reporting professions for back, neck and shoulder injuries; so we design every product to protect caregivers and keep them safe during each and every shift. Now, LINET and The Morel Company have partnered together to introduce the world's first fully comprehensive solution for safely mobilizing and repositioning patients in bed; a combination that will vastly reduce the threat of injury to caregivers, ultimately saving your facility time and money – all while improving the patient experience.

Because after all, IT SHOULDN’T HURT TO BE A NURSE.

What if your hospital could experience results like:

Lost Work
Light Duty

What is this winning combination? Nurses bear the burden of patient handling. They don’t think about compliance with lifting standards, they just do whatever is necessary to take care of their patients. Period. Two of the most commonly performed nursing tasks include turning patients and pulling them up in bed. This happens repeatedly during a shift, each time putting strain and stress on the caregiver. Enough is enough. We are here to change care practice forever. The LINET bed offers a unique turning platform that allows gravity to help ONE nurse gently and quickly turn a patient with ease. And now, with the Hercules Patient Repositioner, ONE nurse can safely move a patient up in bed with the touch of a button, in less than 10 seconds.

LINET powered by Hercules – changing healthcare forever.

What People Are Saying

“I not only looked at it, I took it apart to find something wrong with it, and I could not. From that point on, I was sold on the LINET bed.”

Don C – Skylakes Medical Center

“If you make a large bed standardization and you do not consider LINET, you’re probably making a mistake. If value is anywhere in your equation and decision making, you need to be talking to LINET.”

Baptist Healthcare

“The Hercules system is AMAZING. It makes it so much easier to reposition patients; it takes the stress off my back so I feel better at the end of the day.”

Rachel White, RN, The Christ Hospital

“This is a product which meets multiple needs – caregiver efficiency, patient and staff safety – and allows great improvement in the patient experience when someone has to be in a hospital bed. Making the decision to standardize on Hercules was a Win-Win for everyone involved.”

Kay Cartwright, Vice President, Continuum of Care, CNO, Reid Health

“I have worked with patients since I was 13 years old. I am now 74. I was a volunteer, a nurses aide, an LPN and finally an RN. I left acute care bedside nursing at the age of 45 to work in an outpatient setting because my joints could no longer tolerate the heavy lifting required to assist patients. If the LINET bed with lateral turning and Hercules had been available years ago, I would have never left acute care and might still be at the bedside today!”

Patricia Inglis, RN

“I don’t know what you have to do, but you have to convince Saint Francis to get these beds for ALL their patients! They would be a much happier group of patients after a good night’s sleep!”

Andrea Redden, Patient

“I don’t need to wait for help to bathe, give a bedpan or change linen.”


“This product will allow me to stay at the bedside for 10 more years!”

RN, Seattle

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